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Wildflower Healing began after an amazing personal journey with Reiki and energy healing that led me to want to share the benefits with anyone in need of healing.


During my experience of having a chronic autoimmune illness, followed by a mystery condition that left me unable to walk, I searched everywhere for answers, but doctors couldn't get to the root of the problem and western methods of dealing with my illnesses treated only the symptoms, in effect 'papering over the cracks'. Nothing seemed to work. Then I came across energy healing and Reiki, and from that day on, life slowly but surely began to blossom for me again. I became aware of how important it was to take a holistic approach to get back to full recovery, and just as importantly, to maintain health and wellbeing.

The term 'holistic' refers to the view that the body, mind and emotions work as an integrated system, where change in one will affect the whole. A holistic approach focuses on improving and maintaining overall health, rather than just treating pain and symptoms. It takes into account physical, mental, emotional, lifestyle and environmental factors, because everything we do in our daily lives can have a positive or negative effect on our minds and bodies. Holistic therapies aim to create balance and harmony, and I began Wildflower Healing to support people to enhance their physical, emotional and spiritual wellness; to inspire positive growth and connect them to their inner truth and radiance.


The name Wildflower Healing was inspired by the healing powers of nature, and the ability of wildflowers to move through the seasons, constantly growing and adapting even in the face of adversity, and always looking toward the light.

I'm a Reiki Master Teacher/Practitioner, registered with the UK Reiki Federation, and the CNHC (Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council); an accredited register by the Professional Standards Authority for Health & Social Care, a body accountable to Parliament. I use various styles of Reiki and energy healing tools and techniques, and am passionate about continuing professional development to broaden my knowledge and keep up to date with the ever-growing developments in complementary therapy; I research everything new (and ancient!) in the fields of energy healing, some of which you can find over on the News & Blog page. 


I have qualifications in Quantum Physics, Crystal Healing, Aromatherapy, Ayurveda, Meditation and NLP, as well as having attended many counselling, therapy and mindfulness courses. With career experience in the health & nutritional supplement field, I've written for several national health and sports publications, and my own experience with CBT, Tapping (EFT) and various other therapies all combine to allow me to assist you in the best way possible on your journey of health, healing and wellbeing.


Reiki Master/Teacher, Dip.Crys.Th, Dip.Aroma, Dip.Ayurveda, Dip.Meditation, Dip.NLP 

CNHC accredited and registered member
UK Reiki Federation member