please note: no bookings can be taken at present other than remote sessions - back as soon as possible!

Energy healing and Reiki are gentle healing therapies that work holistically to optimise the body's energetic flow and regenerative self-healing ability. They help balance and restore mind, body and soul - essential to achieving lasting health and wellness.

It's important you feel nurtured - you can talk through any health concerns or problem areas of life at any point. However, this isn't necessary to receive treatment if you prefer more privacy or don't know where to start, since the energy intuitively goes to where it is needed for healing the most. As such, it is particularly useful for pain of an unknown origin, or for those feeling stressed, overwhelmed or just 'out of sorts'. 

Energy healing can be offered in a variety of styles and can also be combined with crystals and other energy work in your session, as well as visualisation or meditation techniques, to create the most effective and individual healing approach for you.


60 mins - £60

Remote session - £40

Please allow an extra 15 mins for initial session

Longer sessions available upon request

Concessions available