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Energy healing and Reiki are gentle healing therapies that work holistically to optimise the body's energetic flow and regenerative self-healing ability. They help balance and restore mind, body and soul - essential to achieving lasting health and wellness.

It's important you feel nurtured - you can talk through any health concerns or problem areas of life at any point. However, this isn't necessary to receive treatment if you prefer more privacy or don't know where to start, since the energy intuitively goes to where it is needed for healing the most. As such, it is particularly useful for pain of an unknown origin, or for those feeling stressed, overwhelmed or just 'out of sorts'. 

Energy healing can be offered in a variety of styles and can also be combined with crystals and other energy work in your session, as well as visualisation or meditation techniques, to create the most effective and individual healing approach for you.


60 mins - £50

40 min 'top up' - £40

Remote session - £40

Please allow an extra 15 mins for initial session

Concessions available


What happens in a session?

Receiving an energy healing or Reiki treatment is simple, relaxing and non-intrusive. You remain fully clothed, other than removing your shoes, coat and jewellery. Lying on a treatment bed (or seated if necessary/preferred), you will be encouraged to close your eyes and completely relax - even fall asleep if you want to! To give energy healing, the practitioners hands are placed non-intrusively, on or near the body, in various positions that relate to the chakras (energy centres). This treats you as a whole, allowing the Reiki energy to flow to wherever it is needed most. There can also be an emphasis on treating specific or problem areas. There is no massage or manipulation, allowing you to fully and deeply relax, rest and recuperate. After the treatment, you can share your experience of the session if you'd like, and we can discuss how you responded energetically and also readdress any issues in light of these energetic adjustments. My role is to fully support you with any dilemmas you have or improvements you want to make, helping bring awareness and healthy approaches to the situation, and assisting you in dissolving or changing anything that may be in your way.

Who can benefit from Energy Healing and Reiki?

​Energy healing and Reiki are healing practices that benefit anyone of any age (including babies!) and state of health, and you do not have to be spiritual or believe in it for it to work! It is a gentle, supportive healing process that anyone can benefit from. It should not, however, be regarded as a cure for conditions or replacement for medication. As a natural form of healing, energy medicine can support and enhance any other forms of treatment. For those experiencing stress, either low-level and everyday, or chronic, acute or long-term, energy healing can be extremely helpful as a support for your health and wellbeing and to protect you from the effects. Over time, it can help to regulate and shift your nervous system into a state of calm and balance, so that you are much better equipped to handle stress and are able to bounce back from it quickly. Because it works so well on the nervous sytem, energy healing may also be extremely beneficial as the first step in facing and healing traumas, whether acute, or more developmental trauma, since a highly activated nervous system is very sensitive and reactive to emotions. The Soothe & Reset sessions were developed particularly to help with these situations, as well as when the body is stuck in the stress response (fight or flight). You don't need to be ill or stressed to benefit from energy healing - regular sessions are wonderful to help maintain a sense of health, balance and inner peace, and can help reconnect you to joy and happiness so you can really enjoy your life and live it to the fullest.

What are Energy Healing and Reiki?

Reiki is Japanese for ‘universal life energy’, and describes the practice of working with natural energy for healing. Therapists are attuned to this energy to allow them to channel and direct it to help rebalance and restore the subtle life force energies of the body, using a gentle touch system of hand placements, on or near the body. Reiki is just one form of energy healing used at Wildflower though - a wide variety of techniques and tools from various energy healing systems may be used during your session that are tailored to suit you and your individual needs. Every living thing requires energy to flourish. When energy flows uninterrupted, there is health, balance, harmony and a sense of wellbeing. However, in our busy modern world, we can often experience situations or make lifestyle choices that cause blockages and reduced energy flow, and over time this can lead to a variety of problems and illnesses manifesting. Energy healing works to restore the balance and flow of energy throughout the body, helping to reinforce the body’s natural ability to heal itself at all levels; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

How will I feel during and after a session?

During a session, energy healing and Reiki enables your mind and body to relax more and more deeply. Feelings of coolness, heat or tingling are often experienced. After a session, you should feel relaxed, peaceful and refreshed. Occasionally, there can be tiredness as the body has fully relaxed, moved out of the 'super switched-on' stress state and is releasing blockages and toxins. This is the body's natural healing response, and ideally you should rest after the session to help make this process more effective. Some people do find health and wellbeing issues improve significantly after one session, but often, symptoms have arisen after a problem has been compounded for a while. In this case, a course of treatments, and addressing the underlying life choices or events that may have contributed will be more likely to help to 'undo' the issue and fully restore wellbeing. The more you have energy healing, the more the flow of energy through your systems will improve, resulting in considerable improvements and benefits to body and mind.

Session options

There is no set protocol or limit for having energy healing/Reiki. You can have a session whenever you feel the need for relaxation or restoration, are feeling a sense of imbalance anywhere, or have a particular issue you'd like help in addressing. The effects of energy healing/Reiki are accumulative. Regular sessions according to your lifestyle and the stressors you are experiencing are excellent for helping to maintain a sense of overall balance, vitality and wellbeing, and to keep health issues at bay, but you should always have sessions at a pace that feels right for you. Sessions take place within my treatment room (unless for remote/distance healing) to enable full access to 'healing tools', and so that optimum conditions can be maintained - unfortunately I cannot offer home visits.

What are the benefits?

It's important to note that energy healing and Reiki are not a 'cure' for health issues, but promote and assist natural self healing. You don't have to have a specific ailment for energy medicine to help you - it's extremely effective for issues of unknown origin, or if you are feeling stressed, anxious, overwhelmed or out of sorts, but are unsure as to why. It is also fantastic for maintaining good health and vitality over the long term and helping you to stay in balance and harmony. Energy healing and Reiki are holistic therapies. From a holistic perspective, the mind, body and emotions are an integrated system, where change or disruption in one will affect the whole. If not corrected, this imbalance or 'dis-ease' accumulates to cause physical problems or symptoms. Symptoms can sometimes appear unrelated to the original source, and so it can be difficult to pinpoint the problem. In this sense, energy healing is incredibly beneficial since it has an innate ability to flow directly to the source to facilitate healing. It is the energy field that informs the physical, meaning the energetic field around our body communicates to our brain what instructions to then give our body. Stuck or repressed emotions, trauma and distortions are held at this energetic level, so often change can't occur simply by using practices or talk therapy at the level of the mind. Energy healing can gently soothe and calm a nervous system that is dis-regulated from trauma, which may be the first step in being able to deal with the trauma itself. It can then help create a shift and change in the energy field to bring release, healing and balance. Energy healing and Reiki are very effective tools for maintaining health and wellbeing since they aid in releasing stress, as well as gently moving those stuck in the stress response (fight or flight) back into a state of balance. Stress significantly reduces and weakens the flow of 'life force energy', and recent medical research has attributed it to a huge range of major health concerns, chronic disease and illness. The many benefits of energy healing and Reiki may include: - Safe and gentle - cannot harm you in any way, or worsen issues - Works to remove energy blockages and restore balanced energy flow throughout the body - Intuitively goes where it is needed most at the time of treatment - Works on every level; physical, psychological, mental, emotional and spiritual - Assists in strengthening all of the body's systems and functions - Aids the body in eliminating toxins - Can help relieve localised pain and discomfort - Helps to improve sleep - Provides extra support during stressful times and helps to cope with and alleviate anxiety - Helps to release mental or emotional blocks and issues to enable healing - Eases the symptoms of chronic or terminal illnesses and provides comfort - Helps reconnect you to inner peace, joy and happiness to enjoy your life fully