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Designed to be deeply calming and quiet, desensitisation sessions have been developed to help during intense periods of stress or illness, when your system and senses feel extremely sensitive or overwhelmed, leaving you 'tired but wired' and unable to relax, sleep or heal properly. 


help to regulate your limbic and nervous system, helping you to 'switch off' if you are stuck in the stress (fight or flight) response and rebalance.


Being in the healing state - when your body and mind are at rest - is imperative for your body to regenerate normally, and even more important in order to process and recover from any stress or trauma, but it may be difficult to attain this state on your own when your mind and body have been very activated. Often trying new treatments or talking therapies add to the stress and overwhelm, so these sessions are designed to offer a completely safe, quiet and neutral space for you to rest, while specific hands-off energy healing techniques are used to regulate and calm your limbic and nervous system. I developed these techniques during my experiences with autoimmune disease and chronic illness.

It may sound counter-intuitive when you are trying to bring about rest and relaxation, but your body needs energy to bring about a state of rest and to recover and balance.

Often used to forcing and pushing. stress

Ideal before other therapies to be able to hold space and deal with emotions. For anxiety.

If you don't have a room in your house to switch off

Painful emotions or memories may surface.

It's important you feel nurtured - you can talk through any health concerns or problem areas of life at any point. However, this isn't necessary to receive treatment if you prefer more privacy or don't know where to start, since the energy intuitively goes to where it is needed for healing the most. As such, it is particularly useful for pain of an unknown origin, or for those feeling stressed, overwhelmed or just 'out of sorts'. 

Energy healing can be offered in a variety of styles and can also be combined with crystals and other energy work in your session, as well as visualisation or meditation techniques, to create the most effective and individual healing approach for you.


60 mins - £50

40 mins 'top up' - £40

Remote session - £30

Please allow an extra 15 mins for initial session

Concessions available