The amazing benefits of rose

Rose essential oil health benefits for mind, body and spirit

With just as much romanticism as the appearance of the soft and beautiful bloom itself, the harvesting of roses for distillation begins in the early dawn at the time the Vedas call Brahma muhurta, ‘God's time’, as this is when the peak production of rose essential oil in the petals occurs. It takes around sixty-seven blossoms to give only one drop, and remembering this as we inhale it can bring even more wonder and gratitude for such a treasure.

Roses produce their maximum levels of damascenone, the primary molecule of rose fragrance, on the mornings of the full moon, as their biorhythms are influenced by the full moon radiating a special kind of energy, known as soma. In the Ayurvedic tradition, soma is said to have a cooling, nourishing, and relaxing effect on the mind and body. So rose oil could be thought of as liquid moonlight!

Rose essential oil has numerous health benefits and has been called an elixir for the immune system. It’s believed to be one of the highest frequency essential oils and one of my personal favourites for aromatherapy - powerful enough to soothe the nervous system and induce feelings of calm and safety. Like soma, its effects are cooling and relaxing to the mind and body, and in Ayurveda, rose is used to cool the mind-body force associated with fire, anger and stress.

It’s known to lower cortisol levels, and one recent Japanese study has shown that just inhaling rose oil decreases adrenalin in the blood by an incredible 30%, making it an ideal antidote for those suffering from the effects of depression and anxiety, or for use during unsettling times to gently soften raw emotions and bring more balance, compassion and inner peace - which in itself, is a vital contribution we can make to the world.

Rose oil is tridoshic, meaning that any body type can use it without concern for causing physiological imbalances and it’s versatile and easy to incorporate the softness of rose into your day to bring a touch of magic. A drop applied to the upper chakras, especially the heart, throat, or third eye centres, helps you to sink into a relaxed state and deepens meditation, and it also helps uplift a yoga session. A few drops of oil and a sprinkling of fresh petals in a candlelit bath restores peace and joy lost in the course of a stressful day, or mixing a drop or two with water and spraying in your bedroom at night helps induce a soft, peaceful and restorative sleep - a beautiful end to any day.

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