Using crystals in everyday life

Crystals for healing and therapy

Crystals, one of nature's most beautiful creations, can also be used in a very practical way for support in everyday life. Often thought of as ritualistic, or for display purposes, they are overlooked for their benefits as tools to enhance mood, help with your goals, or even to combat fear on a daily basis. However, those in the know are seeking it out to enhance their lives - along with increasingly popular interests such as mindfulness, spiritual exploration and meditation - and bringing it into the mainstream.

Victoria Beckham, speaking to Vogue magazine, revealed she carries rose quartz and black tourmaline, among others, with her wherever she goes for a positive outlook; "I'm a really positive thinker. I believe in creative visualisation, glass is always half full - I have no time for anything negative. And actually, I bought crystals for all my team too."

Other celebrities to swear by them include Madonna, Katy Perry (who used them to help her over her divorce and says they attract conquests), Angelina Jolie and Miranda Kerr, who commented her crystal wand is one of her most cherished items. Naomi Campbell said "They bring great energy... You should see how many I travel with", and they were also favoured by the late Andy Warhol and Patrick Swayze. Superstar Adele even credited her crystals for one of her best comeback performances, and believes they influence her shows.

Quartz is used in industry for hospital diagnostic equipment, to power mobile phones, computers and radio, keep the time in watches, and even in car engines. This is mostly down to their natural ability to power and support energy fields, which supports the theory that crystals can also be used for natural personal power. The possibilities are endless, but try these ways of incorporating crystals into your life to start bringing a little extra magic to your day;

  • Fast becoming a popular trend, placing a crystal in your pocket, or carrying it near your body as Victoria Beckham does, will help 'set' your vibration for the day, whether it's happy and energetic, peaceful and zen, or fearlessly fiesty. There are a myriad of options depending on what mood you want to induce - citrine is always fantastic for a happy and abundant mindset, amethyst will bring calm and serenity, and clear quartz (known as 'the master healer') will absorb negativity and transmute it into positive vibes. If you're new to crystals, to find one that's right for you, just pick the stone you are most drawn to at the time - sometimes holding and getting a feel for it will make it even more obvious. 'Program' the crystal by holding and thinking of a clear intention.

  • Tucked under a pillow, crystals can provide peace and protection, and help induce a tranquil nights' sleep if you suffer from insomnia or sleep disorders. Try amethyst, rose quartz, or blue lace agate for their calming properties, sodalite to quieten your mind, or black onyx or tourmaline to ward off nightmares and negative night-time vibes. Moonstone, as the name suggests, is a perfect night time companion for serene sleeping.

  • Placing a crystal on your desk at work can help combat the emissions from your computer, as well as help your creativity flow and your mind stay focused. To help protect you against computer emissions, place clear quartz near to the screen to absorb them. Lapis lazuli stimulates visualisation and boosts creativity and confidence, while hematite increases willpower and brings clarity. Citrine, known as 'the stone of success' speaks for itself - helping to attract achievement and abundance.

  • A slightly less obvious use is to incorporate them into your fitness regimen to harness their power, and they're great partners to yoga and fitness exercises, boosting your strength, stamina and vitality. Mindfulness and meditation sessions can really benefit from the addition of crystals, which are believed to amplify the healing properties, raise your consciousness, deepen your intuition and bring clarity. Blue, purple and clear crystals such as kyanite, lapis lazuli, amethyst and selenite are traditionally associated with this use because of their connection to the higher chakras.

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